Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday - Projects Complete!

We are so grateful and blessed to have been able to complete almost all of the projects that we set out to do this week.  There will always be more screens to repair and replace and more curtains to be sewn, but the majority of the necessary jobs were all finished.

 They installed solar flood lights on Casa Leonel, that will turn on automatically if anyone triggers them walking by. They requested these as an additional safety feature.
 There were also piles and piles of clothes to sort through, stack by size and label the shelves.  Now they can easily go in and rotate the clothes for the kids!

Team Closet Clean-Out!

 Last year they had also painted Casa Leonel this beautiful bright and colorful green, however because of the height of the roof and no scaffolding, they weren't able to finish the underside.  This year we had scaffolding that allowed us to complete the project!
Team Pavers!

Pavers were needed on the back patio where they hang the laundry to dry.  During the rainy season, this was just dirt which created a huge mess to deal with.  Now, they have the pavers to keep everything nice and neat.
Team Curtains!

Many, many beautiful curtains were sewn and hung among all of the different houses.  These were done for the Senorita house!
Team Closet shelves

In the Senorita house, the girls were wanting shelves added to their closets that would allow them to separate their items and give them more space.  One girl also had a door mirror that she wanted hung in her closet.  The team worked hard to measure and cut the wood to create the shelves.  They measured 3 times and only had to cut once, they were perfect! :)

The inside of one of the closets.  She is very organized as you can tell and look how nice that mirror looks hanging back there.

Team Door Hanger/Wall builder!

There was also a beautiful wood door that was donated to the orphanage, and needed to have a frame constructed for it and a half wall built.  This is the room used by Armando, the facility maintenance worker.  He only had a curtain to separate his room, so he was extremely happy with having a door to his room that even locks!

Team Curtain Rods/Facility Sink Installers

 There were also many rooms that needed new curtain rods, so they were created from aluminum poles that were cut down to fit.

Team Screens!

 There were so many screens that are ripped or had large holes in them and needed replacing.  We were able to replace about 30 total, and there are probably another 30 to do next year.  :)
Team Cabinet!

 This cabinet had doors that were broken and didn't fit properly and is used to store the kids book bags.  We repaired the doors, and painted the entire cabinet with paint and a lacquer finish.

Team Photo 

 In addition to all of the work we were able to complete at the orphanage, we were also able to bless them with all of the generous donations that so many of you made possible.  Here is a listing of what was given on this trip.

  • 587 pairs of socks and underwear
  • 151 tubes of tooth paste
  • 201 tooth brushes
  • 381 packs of crayons
  • 121 coloring books
  • 56 bath towels
  • 79 washcloths
  • 100 hand towels/kitchen towels
  • 70 dish rags
Thank you to all who gave so generously of your money and donations that helped make this all possible.

It was time to say goodbye to all of the children and caregivers! Such a bittersweet time, these kids are so loving and just melt your hearts with all of the hugs they give out so freely.  They prayed for our team before we left and I don't think there was a dry eye in the group. 

Please pray for continued safety and traveling mercies tomorrow for everyone as we head to the airport on our journey home. 

A generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. ~ Proverbs 11:25

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