Thursday, April 20, 2017

Reflections from Mexico - Rex and Lensie

Once again Rex and I have been blessed by our Heavenly Father. What unspeakable joy to serve the people of Mexico. The Colima team from Utah was also a great pleasure to serve alongside.

I am always overwhelmed by humanity's love for one another, when we walk by the measure of faith given to us. Oneness is the Father’s greatest desire for us all. Working and serving along side of the team the Lord assembled was refreshing. We all came together as the body of Christ. Praise the Lord!

One of our favorite things is the be with the kids. Seeing their hearts opening to complete strangers. Seeing how the Holy Spirit connects our hearts with theirs is amazing. The party with the kids is always a highlight of the week.

The week goes by so quickly. You wish that you could take everyone home with you. Or to stay longer and forge those relationships more. Time is a short commodity here, especially when you have a young boy Aldo following us all the way to the van, and standing there just looking and wanting us not to leave him. If that don’t give you a love for humanity I don’t know what will! Bless the Lord oh my soul! Our hearts are changed forever! Thank you Jesus! Then Edjar the little boy with the broken arm, I know he treasures the hat Rex gave him. And the little girl Anayeli who put a heart sticker over her face on the photo. We know love is all that is needed. So blessed to know our Heavenly Father loves us so much!

Also Josue and his mother Isabella, whom we had the privilege to serve and bond with in Palmarito at La Familia home. You never forget the heart of a child.

Now that we have returned home to the states and our homes, my prayer is the team will remember to pray for the children and caregivers. Ponder the orphans and widows all over the world. Jesus said he would never leave us as orphans. And now these three things will last forever faith, hope, and love and the greatest of these is love. (1 Cor 13:13).

We are so grateful for everyone the Lord has put in our lives. Our own mattress too!

Birds of a feather flock together.

Love to All! God is good!

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