Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Countdown is on - Prayer Requests

Hard to believe we are less than a month away from heading out for Hogar de Amor and serving the children and caregivers at the orphanage!  We have been busy preparing our hearts and minds to serve and would like to ask for your prayers for our group as the time gets closer and preparations get more busy.

Here is a list of things that you might consider praying for before we leave and while we are gone:
  • prepare our hearts individually for what He wants us to do in Mexico - and that our learning, growing, and stretching would begin even now!
  • prepare the staff of Hogar de Amor for our visit - thinking of ways to use us, but more importantly prompting them with ways we can be and serve together and learn from them
  • protect our bodies, minds, and spirits while in Mexico from any harm, temper, sickness, accident, violence and fatigue
  • work in the team dynamics, bonding us together as the body of Christ. That we would love each other well, and discuss any issues quickly in truth and love
  • make logistics smooth, easy and never an issue :)
  • continually refresh and equip Jamie as she chases down all the logistics and handles all of the changes, trying to smooth the way for the team. Please pray for her stress level as this is a huge task!
  • open up chances to just be with, fellowship with, learn from, and enjoy the caregivers and kids
One thing is for sure, we will not be hard to spot at the airport because we will all be wearing these cool shirts!

Front of Shirt

Back of Shirt

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