Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 Months Until Travel!

It's now mid-April, which means we only have 2 months until we leave for Mexico!  Plane tickets are purchased, activities and work projects are starting to come together, fundraising is underway, and we are so excited for our trip!

We really value all of your prayer and support.  Here are some ways you can pray for us:
  1. We would quickly gel as a team and that a spirit of teamwork and service would infuse everything we do both before our trip and in Mexico.
  2. Individual and group fundraising would be fantastically successful - not only that we would bring in a lot of money for the trip, but also that our families, church family, friends, and community would know that they are an integral part of this trip through their encouragement, prayer, and financial support.
  3. Both we and those we serve will be transformed through our service.
  4. Logistics simply work.  That health, transportation, lodging, dining, planning around our work projects, and the myriad of other details would reinforce, never detract from, God's work in and through us.
  5. That we would be able to plan activities and service projects that bless, entertain, and communicate lots and lots of love to the children and caregivers of the Hogar de Amor orphanages.